The Longest Wedding RSVP Card Ever for the Various Annoying Invitees

If you’ve ever planned a wedding, or know someone who has, you’re familiar with all that can go wrong. And you know that the blame often falls on annoying or horrible guests. To solve the problem, or at least take the surprise out of it all, Bob Powers designed the perfect (and likely the longest) wedding RSVP card for Someecards.

This humorous RSVP card, the most comprehensive one out there, comes equipped with four categories, each with several sub-options you can check off: attendance, behavior, gifts and meal choices. Among the RSVP options, you’ll find:

    • “Will Show Up Drunk, And Will Quickly Get Much Drunker”
    • “I Have a Questionably Legitimate Food Allergy”
    • “Will Attend And Will Bring A Date, Even Though The Invite Offered No Indication That I Could Bring A Date, But You’re Cool With It, Right?”

What kind of wedding guest will you be?

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