‘A Year in Movies’, a Mashup of Nearly 200 Movies Released in 2014 [VIDEO]

We’ve taken a look back at the biggest 2014 moments, so why not also take a look at the biggest movies of the year? The movie buffs over at the YouTube channel Cineflix created a mashup video of 184 movies released in 2014 to celebrate amazing film production. You’ll recognize Guardians of the Galaxy, Godzilla, The Lego Movie, Maleficent and many, many, many more movies.

Cineflix writes:

2014 had some great movies, some terrible movies, and some movies that were altogether forgettable. To refresh your memory, here’s a supercut of the good, the bad, and the everything else of 2014. CAN YOU NAME THEM ALL?!

Cineflix released two versions of the mashup video, one without titles (above) that asks you to name what movie each clip came from and an “answer key” version (below).

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