How Women’s Beauty Standards Change: 3,000 Years in 3 Minutes [VIDEO]

What makes for beauty in a woman has fluctuated drastically since ancient times. But just how much have the standards changed? Buzzfeed created a video that explores the various physical features considered beautiful in women from ancient Egypt to the Postmodern beauty of today.

It’s extraordinarily interesting to see what was considered beautiful and desirable in different places and different times. For instance, women from the Italian Renaissance were expected to be full-figured, while the ideal women of the Roaring Twenties had boyish figures with bob hairstyles. During the Han dynasty, beautiful women possessed a slim waist, large eyes and small feet, while in the Swinging Sixties, willowy figures and adolescent physiques were most desirable. Today, women are expected to be a “healthy” skinny with large breasts and butts. Is it any wonder that women seek plastic surgery?

J Ch
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