The Curious Adventure of a Man Walking against a Crowd through Shanghai Played in Reverse [VIDEO]

A man walking against the crowd through the bustling city of Shanghai poses a puzzle to those around him. Everyone is walking backward – only he appears to be walking forward.

Sound odd? Recording a video of this backward tour of Shanghai and then playing it in reverse may only add to the confusion. Still, this short video, “Walk in Shanghai,” in which media artist JT Singh walks backwards through the heavy crowds and busy streets, is intriguing.

If you don’t know the streets of Shanghai, the video is a nice introduction. It takes you on a tour almost as good as Singh’s. On the video’s Vimeo page, he writes:

The remaining story of Shanghai’s suspense and beauty can only be experienced in person, and through using your legs as the main mode of transport.

With more than 24 million people in the city, Singh is literally walking against the current in Shanghai.The description of the video continues:

Above all, JT Singh’s playful artistry is a celebration of the beauty of walking in cities. A visceral pleasure made possible by walkable and human scale urban environments. Walk on!

Take a surreal walk against the current in this video of bustling Shanghai!

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