AIR Los Angeles: the Inspiration Behind a Photographer’s Series of Aerial Images of Cities at Night [VIDEO]

“AIR” is a project by photographer Vincent Laforet that captures US cities from above at night. The neon city lights shine bright from far below, juxtaposed against the dark blue and black of the night. Few other aerial photographers work at night.

This video is an introduction to “AIR” with Laforet explaining the inspiration behind the project. In the expedition documented here he flies high above Los Angeles capturing its urban night life. Laforet has also taken aerial night photos of San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago and New York City.

On the video’s Vimeo page, Laforet writes:

AIR is a project born of my need to share an important lesson I’ve discovered over the past decade making aerial photographs: the world is much smaller than we think. Borders are irrelevant and distances shortened. Clearly, we are more intimately connected to one another than we may realize.

Jack the Flipper
Stunning project, absolutely mind blowing and creative approach. Vincent you are a true master! Kindly Sascha Hojzakowa | Jack the Flipper
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