Trail’s End: Remarkable Ultra-HD of Sunsets, Starry Night Skies and Northern Lights [VIDEO]

Is the sky the most beautiful sky at sunrise or sunset? Or is it at midday when the sky is cloudless and blue or at night when its dark and starry? Perhaps you think the weather is what counts. Lightning storms or maybe honeycomb clouds. Or perhaps rare sights like northern lights are what make for the most beautiful sky.

Fortunately, you can see all these shots of the sky in “Trails End,” a stunning ultra-high-def timelapse of Wyoming, Utah and South Dakota. Created by Randy Halverson, this four-minute video is a teaser for an upcoming 30-minute compilation of Halverson’s best timelapses.

In the video’s description, Halverson writes:

Trails End is a compilation of some of my best timelapse shot in 2014, with a few Aurora shots from early this year. On many of the locations, I used my Palomino SS-1251 truck camper from Cheyenne Camper Center, often ending up near the end of some remote trail.

Gaze into the beautiful skies of the American West in this spectacular timelapse.

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