‘Toronto Skyline Porn’: a Full Frontal Visual Journey Around the City’s Growing Skyline [VIDEO]

To say Toronto is experiencing a building boom would be an understatement. According to the local National Post, over just three days in August the city council approved the construction of eight new downtown buildings which, taken together, will climb 755 stories. The area, already the most populous in Canada, is adding about 50,000 new residents a year.

Now, as testament to the city’s growth, cinematographer and timelapse photographer Ryan Edmond has released “Toronto Skyline Porn,” a video which depicts vibrant downtown scenes and a wide variety of building styles.

Over the past few years, Edmond captured images of the city from above and below, as well as during various times of the day and during various seasons, to document the evolution of the city. He even includes impressive aerial shots, taken using a GoPro attached to a drone. As showcased in the video, Toronto and its extraordinary skyline lights up at night, where the buildings illuminate the dark skies and inject life into the seemingly quiet city.

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