Storm Chasers Capture Incredible Footage of Tornadoes and a Simultaneous Rainbow [VIDEO]

Last month, a woman captured an extremely rare quadruple rainbow. Now, storm chasers have caught on camera multiple tornadoes occurring at the same time as a rainbow.

Storm-chasing crew Basehunters captured this incredible footage in Eads, Colorado. The storm chasers followed the weather from central Colorado all the way to west Kansas, catching multiple tornadoes with a rainbow.

On the video’s YouTube page, Basehunters writes:

Around 2:00pm MDT supercells began developing in a band across beginning in central Colorado and extending into eastern Colorado. A cell near Lamar, CO became tornadic around 4:30pm MDT and produced a tornado with rainbow in foreground near Eads, CO… Several tornadoes were also intercepted after dark in western KS near Oakley around 9pm CDT.

So matter of fact…

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