15 Countries, 3 Years, 6,286 Photographs: ‘Time And Again’ [VIDEO]

In 2010, San Francisco-based photographer Kien Lam quit his job and traveled the world. To take us along on his three-year, 15-country journey, Lam created a timelapse video “Time And Again” using 6,286 photographs captured in the course of his adventures.

Snapshots of foreign countries often make the counties themselves seem interchangeable. Not Lam’s. His video shows us the unique and distinct cultures, buildings and lifestyles of the 15 countries he visited. And those counties span the world. He visited the US, Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Germany, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Australia, New Zealand, India, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Honduras.

“Time and Again” is Lam’s follow-up timelapse to his first timelapse “Time Is Nothing” (below) from 2010, a journey through 17 countries over 343 days using 6,237 photographs.

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