‘Tales by Light’: New Photography TV Series Will Make You Want To Drop Everything and Become a World Traveler

If you didn’t have a serious case of wanderlust before this video, you will now. Tales by Light is a new TV series by National Geographic Channel that follows world travelers as they photograph the magnificent beauty of our planet.

Produced, directed and shot by Abraham Joffe, in collaboration with Canon Australia, the series will air only in Australia and New Zealand from May through June. But on May 24, National Geographic Channel premiered this trailer, giving everybody the chance to experience – albeit for two minutes – how incredible this show will be.

The series, shot in 15 countries over the course of one year, shows what it takes to photograph the most remote areas of the planet. But the images these fearless photographers capture will tell us the stories of spectacular sights we might never get to go to.

Watch the video, and take a journey around the planet that will make you want to become a world traveler!

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