Ominous Timelapses of Dark, Powerful Supercell Storms as They Dominate the Sky [VIDEO]

Have you ever witnessed the formation of a supercell thunderstorm? It’s pretty frightening: the dark, brooding clouds form into a mesocyclone, a deep, constantly rotating updraft. This is what gives these storms their second name, “rotating thunderstorms.”

Storm-chaser and photographer Stephen Locke traveled to Arkansas City, Kansas, in September 2014 to capture footage of a supercell storm as it came to fruition. He then created a timelapse video to showcase the event in a mere minute and a half.

Locke has documented and created timelapses of other supercell storms as well. Here is a video from May 2014 showing the formation of a storm near Denver, Colorado:

Denver County Supercell by Stephen Locke from Stephen Locke on Vimeo.

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