Extreme Holiday Cheer: Christmas Display Combines 100,000 Lights with ‘Star Wars’ Music [VIDEO]

Excited for the Star Wars movie to be released next year? Looks like you’re not alone, as this family created an epic and complex Christmas light display synced with a mix of songs from Star Wars. The display, built by Tom BetGeorge, uses around 100,000 flashing lights synchronized to music from the movie. The display includes a giant guitar and keyboard, as well as such powerful spotlights that BetGeorge had to ensure they wouldn’t interfere with air traffic.

On the video’s page, BetGeorge writes:

Here’s my tribute to my favorite songs on Star Wars!…I built all the props using wood, metal, acrylic and corrugated plastic. I am a music teacher/director for a living, hence the massive instruments. If you look closely (especially during the Cantina song) the instruments are playing the real notes. Merry Christmas everyone!

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