‘Glimpse of Southern Norway’: an Elegant Timelapse Showcasing the Region’s Natural Beauty [VIDEO]

Despite the cold temperatures, Norway has much to offer in its wondrous natural beauty. Timelapse photographer Morten Berg from Oslo showcases his country in “Glimpse of Southern Norway,” a remarkable timelapse video featuring shots of the region’s breathtaking landscapes and skies.

Since he was a child, Berg has been fascinated by the area and its incredible scenery. To capture the impressive photographs seen in the video, his third on the region, Berg traveled for 14 months through southern Norway, from the fjords in Geiranger to the mountains of Jotunheimen and the Rondane National Park. Berg even captures the aurora borealis.

On the Vimeo page, he explains some of his favorite parts of the video:

The two water reflection sequences (0:15-0:36) for example, turned out very nice in my opinion. The magical interaction between the mist and mirror-surfaced water at sunrise was a moment that will stay in my memory forever. During my 4 years of timelapse photography across Southern Norway, I have never witnessed a lake so calm and in such light. A gentle breeze, and the magic would have been destroyed. Lucky for me, it didn’t, I was at the right place at the right time.

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