A Strangely Entrancing and Enjoyable Visualization of the Flight Paths of Seagulls [VIDEO]

Those sneaky seagulls trying to steal your food might be your least favorite part of visiting the beach. But, if you take a minute to watch their flight paths, you might start feeling differently about the pesky birds.

YouTuber OM3N1R created this mesmerizing short video that visualizes the flight paths of seagulls at Point Arena Lighthouse near Mendocino, California. Using video effects, OM3N1R maps out where the seagulls fly, giving us a glimpse into what these birds’ flight paths actually look like.

And if you’re thinking, “Great. this will help me figure out where to aim my rock,” well, you might be surprised. Watching the flight paths is strangely entrancing and even enjoyable.

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