‘Bay Area By Air’: a Drone’s Stunning View of Colorful San Francisco [VIDEO]

The growing popularity of the San Francisco is undeniable. Business is booming, and the innovations keep coming. Plus, the city’s art and culture are just as cutting-edge. And who can forget the awesome weather?

Filmmakers Cliff Traiman and Ian Montgomery of San Francisco-based production company Pre-Future created a video full of breathtaking drone footage of the dynamic city.

Using a DJI Phantom 2, Traiman and Montgomery show off the city’s most amazing sights from a bird’s eye view. Watch the video to catch an aerial glimpse of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks and natural sites. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park windmills, the downtown skyline, Levi’s Stadium, the redwood forests, sunsets over the Pacific and much more in this wondrous video.

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