Rio de Janeiro in Hi-Def: an Ultra-High Resolution Timelapse of the Colorful Brazilian City [VIDEO]

This ultra high-definition video is almost as good as visiting the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Photographer and filmmaker Joe Capra put together this timelapse video using 10K high-definition images taken with an 80-megapixel PhaseOne IQ180 camera system. Each shot has 10,328 by 7,760 pixels. To put this in perspective, a camera like this costs about the same as a new BMW 3-Series luxury automobile.

Each of the timelapse photographs were minimally processed and are presented in the video in three levels of zoom: 14% in the first shot, 50% in the second, and finally 100%. In the video’s description on Vimeo, Capra writes:

I wanted to show a couple things with this demo video. First, the extreme resolution of this camera (and medium format in general). Second, the amazing amount of flexibility this resolution allows for in post production.

More than the high resolution make this timelapse incredible, however. The video shows a colorful city and its vibrant culture, not to mention the stunning natural landscape surrounding Rio.

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