The Pegasus Project: Heartwarming Timelapse of a Rescue Puppy Who Wasn’t Supposed To Live Long Growing Up

When Dave Meinert rescued Pegasus, he was told she might die young and, if she did make it, she’d likely go deaf and blind. Because of that, Meinert, a South African filmmaker, decided to film her every day and create a timelapse video out of the footage.

Pegasus was rescued from backyard breeders and her siblings either died at birth or were deformed. She is a “double-merle,” born with a severe lack of pigment, the reason for her dire prognosis. But Meinert did not want this to define his pup, so he focused on the positives.

This heartwarming video celebrates Pegasus’s life, documenting her as a healthy pup, growing up from four weeks old to seven months. Meinert tells Bored Panda what inspired this beautiful video:

Rather than focus on the negative, I wanted a way to document her good days of good health and celebrate them. I set about taking a picture of her growing up every day not knowing how long it would last… She’ll always be plagued with health issues but she’s happy and has the most loving disposition.

Watch the video and celebrate Pegasus – and rescue dogs everywhere – who inspire hope!

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