Sidewalk Art that Welcomes Rain? A Seattle Painter Creates Water-Activated Art [VIDEO]

In a city like Seattle, where it rains 155 days in an average year, it’s nice to have some reason to smile when the nimbus clouds roll in. Luckily for the city, a local artist named Peregrine Church creates amazing sidewalk art that only becomes visible when it’s wet.

“Rainworks” uses an environmentally friendly substance called a superhydrophobic coating. Biodegradable and non-toxic, it nevertheless resists moisture. Church sprays the formula onto stencils on the concrete, yet it remains invisible until it rains. Then voilá, the stencil magically appears as the water just rolls right off the formula-treated areas.

Church has completed 25 to 30 of these sidewalk artworks around Seattle, and most of the pieces refer to rain or the city itself.

It’s an ingenious way to brighten someone’s gray, rainy day!

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