‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’: a Journey through Time in Portland, Oregon, That Blends Historical Photos with Current Video Footage

“Yesterday’s Tomorrow – A Portland Journey” is a short but moving film that brings history to life. The video, from Uncage the Soul Productions, blends historical photographs with current video footage, allowing the viewer to travel through time in this Oregon city.

To achieve the dynamic and fluid visuals of Portland, Uncage the Soul Productions used timelapse and stop-motion techniques. The video’s creators sifted through thousands of historic black-and-white photographs, finally choosing a mere 50.

On the video’s Vimeo page, Uncage the Soul Productions writes:

We’ve seen books and blogs using the ‘Then and Now’ treatment to show side by side the historic and present via photos. But…we could not find many or any examples of this comparison being done with motion video. Thinking about it more, we got excited to use timelapse and slow motion to bend and warp present time while exploring past time.

100-year-old Portlander Katherine Livingston narrates the video, drawing upon the sights she has observed and the changes she has experienced in the city over the years. Uncage the Soul Productions interviewed multiple people from Portland who were over the age of 90 and found Livingston to be their favorite. The company writes:

Her eyes are bright, her wits are sharp, she was born in Portland, her grandfather was involved in commissioning the Skidmore Fountain…and this weekend she turns 100 years old…We were honored to sit down and listen to her share her story and insights of living for 100 years. These sentiments became the words that guide the piece.

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