‘Paris – New York’: a Whimsically Animated Side-By-Side Comparison of the Two Cities [VIDEO]

Which city do you prefer: Paris or New York? Do you like baguettes or bagels? Coffee cups or to-go containers? The Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty?

NORD Creative Collective put together this whimsical animation that juxtaposes these two great cities, the City of Lights and the Big Apple. The company was inspired by a 2012 book, Paris versus New York, by Vahram Muratyan.

On the video’s Vimeo page, NORD Creative Collective writes:

To make this tribute real we couldn’t just use original illustrations directly, so we used Vahram’s ideas as base. [We] completely reworked design and illustrations, trying to keep visual similarity to the original, animated all scenes and asked our dear friend to write and perform original music and sound design for this project.

The video does a remarkable job at comparing the two cities in a playful, yet informative way.

So what city do you prefer: Paris or New York?

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