‘Hallelujah’! – A New Single by Panic! At The Disco Will Have You Giving Thanks [VIDEO]

No need to panic anymore, because pop rock band Panic! At The Disco is back with a new single.

The song, “Hallelujah,” was released Sunday night on the band’s official site with a message from Brendon Urie, the band’s only remaining original member:

Thank you for always being there. For speaking your mind. For following what you believe. For allowing me to grow. For granting me the opportunity to live my dream. Words simply can’t express my full appreciation and gratitude for you.

“Hallelujah” opens with an an upbeat rhythm and a unique brass accompaniment, and it’s not just the music that’s uplifting: the song celebrates the qualities of strength, perseverance, and optimism, and it celebrates those who possess these qualities. It represents a bright side for Panic! At The Disco, whose drummer Spencer Smith recently left the band.

In the message announcing the new single, Urie goes on to say:

As I begin what feels like a new chapter of my life, I’m filled with immense excitement and a fresh sense of hope. I’ve seen this band through every phase, every change, every hardship. And yet my appreciation and love grows with every breath.

Urie invites everyone to stay strong and appreciative of life’s challenges and triumphs.

So listen to Panic! At The Disco’s awesome new song “Hallelujah” and raise your hands in song and dance!

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