‘Ocean Gravity:’ Free Diver Appears Weightless Due to Strong Underwater Currents [VIDEO]

The big question here: how does this diver hold his breath long enough to pull off this amazing video?

Free diver Guillaume Néry, with the help of director and underwater cameraman Julie Gautier, created this incredible video where Néry looks like he is defying gravity as he’s carried by the swift currents off the coast of Tahiti.

In “Ocean Gravity,” thanks to Gautier’s camera work, Néry looks like he is floating, bouncing, spinning and running. What he does not look like is underwater. However, Néry is really moving with strong currents through Tiputa pass, which is part of the Rangiroa atoll. If you were ever wondering exactly what happens when you give in to these currents, this video should put the mystery to rest.

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