NFL 2015, a Bad Lip Reading: Footage of Players and Coaches Hilariously Overdubbed with Random Words

Nearly four years ago, the people behind the Bad Lip Reading videos began dubbing over footage from movies, songs and more with apparently accurate, yet totally random, words and phrases. And the results were hilariously funny.

Bad Lip Reading recently released its annual NFL edition, a video in which players, coaches and referees are overdubbed to say, yell, cheer, and call out nonsensical and/or arbitrary things.

From the scandals to the upsetting wins to the funny moments, this year has been both a rocky and ridiculous one for the NFL. Now, with the 2015 Super Bowl upon us and the season coming to a close, watch this very amusing video to get in one more laugh at the NFL.

And for more enjoyment, here are the 2014 and 2013 NFL editions of Bad Lip Reading:


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