NASA Launches a Year-Long Celebration of the Hubble Space Telescope’s 25th Anniversary [VIDEO]

This year, the Hubble turned 25. Launched on April 24, 1990, from the shuttle Discovery, the space telescope has captured some of the most spectacular and iconic images of space ever taken.

In honor of this 25th anniversary, NASA has organized a year-long celebration of Hubble with a website,, detailing the compete history of the revolutionary piece of technology. On the site, you can see images, articles, and a 13-part video series, all showcasing the telescope’s many accomplishments.

On the 25th anniversary tribute page, NASA writes:

Hubble has reinvigorated and reshaped our perception of the cosmos and uncovered a universe where almost anything seems possible within the laws of physics. Hubble has revealed properties of space and time that for most of human history were only probed in the imaginations of scientists and philosophers alike. Today, Hubble continues to provide views of cosmic wonders never before seen and is at the forefront of many new discoveries.


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