‘Naranjo de Bulnes’: Clips of a 7-Hour Journey Up the Spanish Peak for a 7-Second Jump Back Down [VIDEO]

To reach the top of Spanish peak Naranjo de Bulnes, a team of four trekked seven hours up to film a seven-second jump back to the base. Denis Odintsov, Andrei Lebedev, Maxim Badulin and Sergey Firsov climbed the nearly 8,265 foot peak for this daring undertaking and filmed their journey up the mountain in a short four minute video.

The idea came to Badulin spontaneously, as he saw a picture of the peak on a social network and the post suggested it was possible to jump off. Located in the north of Spain, near the coast of Asturias, the jumpers and photographers decided to climb the mountain in October because of the comfortable climate. Once the idea was birthed and the date set, the team organized everything needed for the hike and jump, and began an adventure they’re sure to never forget.

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