‘Asphyxia’: Art and Technology Intersect through Dance and Motion Capture Software

“Wired throughout the body, trapped in a dancing mind.” This intriguing string of words is meant to characterize the experimental film as·phyx·i·a, which uses motion capture technology to digitally map a dance performance.

How can technology reinvent dance? The purpose of the film, created by Maria Takeuchi with assistance from Frederico Phillips, is to answer that question. Using motion capture software to map and illuminate the movement of the dancer,Shiho Tanaka, the performance becomes a riveting and beautiful exploration of technology and art. And, while the method is complex and even rigid, the choreography emphasizes unrestrained expression. This perhaps reflects that conceptual intersection, where art is the power of expression and technology is the power to break through our limits.

This process, which is a bit technical, is described on the project’s website:

Motion data was captured using inexpensive sensors… Once all the scanned point cloud data was combined, that was then used as the base for the creative development on the piece. A series of iterative studies on styles followed and several techniques and dynamic simulations were then applied using a number 3D tools for various results.

Watch the behind-the-scenes, making-of video for as·phyx·i·a below:

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