The Little Girl that Danced in Missy Elliott’s Video is Back With a Killer Dance Tribute to the Rapper [VIDEO]

“Is it worth it? Let me work it.” These lyrics are from Missy Elliot’s song “Work It” and boy, does dancer Alyson Stoner do just that.

First, let’s jog your memory: Stoner was the little girl with deadly dance moves in Elliott’s 2002 music videos for “Work It” and “Gossip Folks,” which you can check out below. She also starred in several TV shows, as well as movies including family comedy Cheaper By The Dozen and dance film Step Up – no surprises there.

Fast forward to 2015: Stoner’s a beautiful and even more talented young lady, who, at 21 years of age, has created a killer dance video in honor of Missy Elliott. The video pays tribute to Elliott as the woman who helped launch Stoner’s career.

Stoner cleverly incorporates her grown self into the old videos, not only making it look like she’s dancing with Elliot once again, but also as if she’s dancing next to her child self. Stoner was a great dancer then but has clearly honed her skills.

Watch the video to see absolutely incredible dance moves and some serious athleticism!

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