‘Tower Bridge, The Dubstep Movement’: a Unique Timelapse that Morphs Together Shots of London’s Bridge [VIDEO]

Since the Tower Bridge in London opened in June 1894, it has experienced the daily flow of city life. Documenting the daily life of Londoners today, photographer Chad Gordon Higgins of Chadchud Timelapse created “Tower Bridge, The Dubstep Movement,” a cool and unique timelapse that uses the bridge as its focal point.

Higgins’s video stands out for another reason, too: to transition between shots, it morphs the images of the bridge together with a program called Fanta Morph. On his website, Higgins explains the process:

I left gaps in the timeline to coincide with the musical transitions and then took the last and first frame from the gap and imported into Fanta to create the transition. Once rendered, I’d then drop the short clip into the timeline making sure it sat one frame in and out of the gap (to cover the existing frames I’d taken).

As the title suggests, the video is set to dubstep music, which Higgins believed to be perfect for the morphing images. He writes:

The transitions in the music are what I’d describe as ‘bendy.’ The dubstep-esque basslines were a perfect find for what I wanted to do in the edit and that was to ‘morph’ the shots together.

Witness the entirely out-of-the-ordinary transitions between shots in this remarkable morphing timelapse!

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