‘LinkedIn OUT LOUD’: a Video Series That Acts Out Profiles So Ridiculous You Won’t Believe They’re Real

Warning: all of the lines in these videos come from real LinkedIn profiles that actually exist out there on the internet for all to see.

LinkedIn Out Loud is a Tumblr that hilariously highlights real-life, over-the-top profiles from the professional social networking site. In collaboration with Joseph & Joseph Productions, the site created a three-part video series where people act out these ridiculous profiles.

Everything you hear is a real quote from a real LinkedIn profile – professional experience, job titles, skill set – but with the name changed, of course, to protect the person’s identity (and dignity). From the “master bodybuilder” to the “invent[or of] the two-hour lunch break,” to the person who “runs into the fire,” these people will certainly land a job…making us chuckle.

“Welcome to a window into the life of me.”

We’ve cherry-picked more real quotations from the CV website’s millions of profile summaries and invited actors to read them out loud. All featured profiles can be found here:

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