‘Let It Go’ Around the World: Behind-the-Microphone, 25-Language Version of the Beloved Disney Song [VIDEO]

The Oscar-winning, animated Disney movie Frozen is one of the most successful films in history. Having earned nearly $1.3 billion worldwide, it is the highest-grossing animated film, highest-grossing film of 2013, highest-grossing Walt Disney Pictures release, second highest-grossing film distributed by Disney, and fifth highest-grossing film ever.

In January, in recognition of the film’s widespread global popularity, Disney released a video of the beloved song “Let It Go” in 25 different languages. Now, they have released a “behind the microphone” video of this multi-language version, which shows the different countries’ singers as they record the film’s most familiar tune.

The video offers us an incredible opportunity to experience “Let It Go” as people around the world did and to see the talented people that made it happen!
Here is that behind-the-scenes video of the song in 25 languages (above), along with the original multi-language movie version (below).

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