Fingerlickin’ Good: KFC’s Bluetooth Keyboard Tray Typer Keeps Your Smartphone Clean while You Eat

Have you ever gone out to grab a quick bite at your favorite fast food restaurant, but couldn’t use your phone while chowing down because of the grease? It’s a real problem for those of us who want to multitask or just can’t put our phones down, not even for food. Well, KFC has the solution.

It’s called the KFC Tray Typer, a Bluetooth keyboard that allows you to type on your phone without getting grease, crumbs and other crud on it. The keyboard is paper-thin yet durable, easy to use, wireless and rechargeable.

Although the device is a promotional item for new KFC locations in Germany, it made for such a popular giveaway that everybody took one home.

KFC, moving ahead in the tech world! (And feeding another one of our addictions…)

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