Jimmy Kimmel Releases ‘Mean Tweets’ NBA Edition #3 with Magic Johnson, MVP Steph Curry and Many More

“I’m convinced Magic Johnson has approximately 73 teeth in his mouth,” reads Magic who then flashes a beaming grin exposing all his pearly whites. And thus begins the third NBA edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious skit “Mean Tweets,” where professional basketball players, analysts and announcers read aloud – and for the first time – mean Twitter posts about themselves.

Released to celebrate the NBA Finals, the video features three players from the teams in this year’s championship series, including MVP Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. “Imagine the damage Steph Curry would be doing in the NBA if he didn’t have such a girly name. #ChangeItToSteve.”

Other notable players and basketball personalities include flopping “little French woman” Tony Parker and “worth probably half a jar of mustard pickles” Jeremy Lin. Reggie Miller “can’t dress for sh*%” and Draymond Green looks like a “donkey from Shrek.” Called “a fool,” Jeff van Gundy seems to get off easy, but Blake Griffin gets called the one and only “soft ginger hair colored, Lindsay Lohan, freckled face, two headed.”

On the video’s YouTube page, it reads:

Professional athletes are no strangers to criticism. In the old days you could yell at the players at the game, but now we have the internet. Now we can insult them quietly and individually on Twitter. So to remind those who write unkind things that players actually see these horrible tweets – here’s an all new special NBA edition of #MeanTweets.

Watch the video to hear more of the hysterical mean Tweets and see how each player reacts to being insulted!

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