What Happens When Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart Lip Sync Battle? Sheer Awesomeness [VIDEO]

The “Super Bowl of lip sync battles” is what Jimmy Fallon dubbed this epic competition. And he wasn’t wrong.

In the post-Super Bowl episode of The Tonight Show, host Fallon challenged Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart to a three-way lip sync contest. Each competitor picked two songs to not just lip sync, but to perform using dance, black gloves, and even glitter.

Ferrell rocked his lip sync of “Let It Go” from Frozen, Fallon brought out a surprise guest for his second song, and Hart paid tribute to the Super Bowl halftime show with a Katy Perry song. They all had very impressive (and humorous) performances, making it a tough competition to judge.

Who do you think won the lip sync battle?

Gray Hayes
This video made me smile. I missed the super bowl and everything around it as I was in an abyss of travel to a place that was having a blizzard. Very smart on my part, huh
christine weinbrecht
i actualy watched this live after superbowl/blacklist. Now that ferguson and letterman are gone, Fallon has taken over late night. Kevin hart was amazing, but i was not impressed with the frozen performance (minus the glitter), however i may just be to old for Diisney now. I did not know Drew B. and Fallon were dating!
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