Jimmy Fallon Faces His Fears When Animal Expert Brings Tarantulas onto ‘The Tonight Show’ [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon almost always keeps it together on his talk show The Tonight Show, but animal expert Jeff Musial has found Fallon’s breaking point.

The first animal Musial introduces is an affectionate Siberian lynx, and perhaps Fallon has reason to be a little anxious: the lynx has long claws, large fangs, and a carnivorous nature. But what Musial brings out next is the real kicker for Fallon: two Mexican white and red-kneed tarantulas. Fallon, who repeatedly admits he doesn’t like spiders, goes white when the two arachnids are placed on his body. After his awful encounter with the spiders, though, Fallon is rewarded for being so brave with Sydney, a cute and cuddly red kangaroo.

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