100 Years of Beauty in North and South Korea Juxtaposed in a Split-Screen Timelapse [VIDEO]

In another intriguing edition of “100 Years of Beauty” by Cut Video, we now get to see how styles have evolved in Korea. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the hair and makeup popular between 1910-1940 followed trends in Europe and the U.S.

However, with the Korean war and the partitioning of the county into North and South came a parting of ways in terms of beauty standards. This video allows us to see those differences and juxtapose the separate styles of North and South Korea since the 1953 armistice. While hair and makeup in South Korea followed trends in the Western world – like the funky ’70s and colorful ’80s – North Korea remained more constrained and conservative. In the North, a military look even became popular in the ’50s and again in the 2000s.

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Ingrid Khadijah
This was really cool! Thanks for sharing! それはとてもすごいですよ!
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