Why Does Kevin Spacey’s Southern Accent in ‘House of Cards’ Sound a Little Off? [VIDEO]

Do you love House of Cards? I mean, really love it, which entails binge-watching, soaking up every political scandal, and hanging on every line from lead actor Kevin Spacey? If you answered yes, then you probably love the show too much to notice that Spacey’s Southern accent sounds off.

A linguist, though, would recognize Spacey for what he is: a Californian pretending to speak like a Southerner. How would a linguist know?

Vox, a general interest news site, released a video that analyzes the accent of Spacey’s character, Frank Underwood. The three-minute video is captivating and intriguing, explaining where the accent originates and the shortcuts Spacey uses to achieve its approximation. Also fascinating, you’ll learn how Southern speech is changing and why future actors won’t be able to use the same shortcuts as Spacey.

Watch the video to learn about Frank Underwood’s accent and why it’s a bit bizarre!

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