‘The Face of Litter’: Hong Kong Anti-Pollution Campaign Uses DNA To Digitally Recreate Faces of Polluters

So you’re walking down the street and just popped in a fresh piece of gum. You’re left with the wrapper, but there’s no trash can in sight. Do you hold on to the crumbled wrapper until you eventually come upon a trash can? Or do you toss the shiny piece of paper onto the ground without a second thought?

Well, Hong Kong will have you thinking again, no matter the size of your litter.

As part of a new anti-pollution campaign, environmental organization Hong Kong Cleanup is using DNA analysis to create digital images of the faces of the city’s litterers. The digital recreations, examples of DNA phenotyping, are based on both the DNA found on the actual litter along with demographic information like type of litter and neighborhood.

Hong Kong Cleanup teamed up with Ecozine and The Nature Conservancy for the campaign, which was designed by creative agency Ogilvy. Starting on Earth Day, April 22, the faces of litter have been posted all around Hong Kong.

Don’t become the next face of pollution!

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