In the Honest Trailer for ‘The LEGO Movie,’ Everything is Comically Awesome [VIDEO]

Did you see The LEGO Movie, an animated picture featuring little plastic toy building blocks and people? If you missed it, this honest trailer by Screen Junkies will fill you in.

Screen Junkies usually pans movies by turning their bad acting, bad dialogue, and bad plots into jokes. But with The LEGO Movie, the Junkies mix in some praise. “Based on a toy franchise with no story or defined characters,” the description reads, “comes a feature length commercial full of celebrities, cliches and repetitive pop music that’s really sweet and heartfelt.”

The trailer goes on to describe the action and adventure as well as the charming characters. The trailer even has its own version of the movie’s catchy pop song “Everything is Awesome.”

Watch the video to get Screen Junkies’ honest opinion!

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