An Honest Trailer for the Great ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Original and the Not-So-Great Sequels [VIDEO]

How much did you love the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie? Most people would say “a lot.” What about the three sequels? Yeah, not so much. YouTube channel Screen Junkies created an honest movie trailer for the entire series, from beginning to end and including everything in between.

This honest trailer brings to light that Pirates of the Caribbean is a total “Disney-fication” of pirates. While the pirates of lore were crass and violent, Disney’s pirates rattle off mild, PG-13 insults. In the movies, “rape” becomes “raid” and murder is physically impossible. The films are full of impractical escapes and impossible sword fights, silly walks, rum and the overused word “savvy.”

Despite that, everyone loved the first installment, Curse of the Black Pearl, but the second, Dead Man’s Chest, garnered only a lukewarm response. And fans were completely fed up with the third, At World’s End. As for the fourth, On Stranger Tides, this movie trailer says, “Wait, what? They made a fourth one? How many of these things can they do? They’re based on a theme park ride.” (For the record, number five is due out in 2017.)

Starring Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, “the legendary pirate made out of dreadlocks and guyliner,” and Geoffrey Rush as Captain Morgan. Or was Captain Barbosa? Oh, who cares anymore.

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