Brutally Honest Trailer for ‘The Little Mermaid’ Exposes the Beloved Disney Movie as Fascist Propaganda [VIDEO]

Disney’s The Little Mermaid tells the story of a resilient and determined young mermaid trying to attain independence and pursue love. Or so Disney led you to believe…

In this honest trailer, movie and television parody company Screen Junkies has exposed the beloved 1989 Disney animated movie for what it is: Princess Ariel, a scantily clad 15-year-old, falls in love with Prince Eric based 100% on his being hot. She then molds her identity to his, and, having signed away the rights to her voice, relies on her doe-eyed looks alone to get by in life. This all takes place in the “whimsically fascist kingdom of Atlantica,” where some fish swim free while others are forced to pull the chariots of the elite or use their bodies as musical instruments.

The movie features Eric or “White Aladdin,” Ursula or “Inky Minaj” and King Triton or “Jacked Gandalf” and more. But it’s really the soundtrack that kills it. The songs include Ariel singing a testament to cluelessness, the fisher butchering seafood in a way that will traumatize your kids, and of course the irritatingly catchy “Under the Sea.”

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