An Honest Movie Trailer for ‘Cinderella,’ the Classic Love Story of a Girl Who Talks to Mice and a Prince with a Foot Fetish

Thought Cinderella was an innocent children’s tale about a poor, hard-working girl, grossly mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters, who finds love despite her life’s many challenges? Think again.

YouTube channel Screen Junkies released a hilarious honest trailer for Cinderella that changes the way you see the 1950 Disney animated film. First off, not only will the movie “cancel out all the empowering things your daughter learned from Frozen,” but it will teach girls that marrying a rich handsome man will solve all their problems.

Do you remember how Cinderella talks to mice and birds? Sweet, right? But this trailer asks us to consider an alternative and frankly, more plausible, explanation: all those years Cinderella spent locked up in the service of her stepfamily drove the young woman bat-shit crazy.

And where was the “helpful” fairy godmother when Cinderella’s parents died? Why did it take years for her to come to Cinderella’s aid? This honest trailer reminds us that a simple call to Child Protective Services early on would have saved Cinderella from years of slavery.

Enjoy the classic love story of a girl who can talks to animals and “Prince Foot Fetish,” who is, according to Screen Junkies:

A prince who couldn’t be bothered to find his own wife and a king so desperate for heirs he doesn’t care what uterus his son uses as a baby factory, whether it’s a hermit maid who talks to mice or just someone with the same shoe size.

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