First-Ever Ultra-HD Aerial Footage Takes Us 20,000 Feet Above the Himalayan Mountains [VIDEO]

The Himalayas, a mountain range in South Asia, is home to nine of the 10 highest peaks, including the world’s highest, Mount Everest. These mountains are wonders of the natural world—to visit even one would be an opportunity of a lifetime. But most of us don’t have the strength and endurance—or disposable income, for that matter—to climb them.

Luckily for us, Teton Gravity Research, a group of aerial videographers based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, captured phenomenal footage that allows us to not only witness the Himalayas but also soar above them. What’s even more spectacular is that the video, shot from as high as 24,000 feet, is the first-ever ultra-HD footage of these mighty mountains.

On the video’s Vimeo page, Teton Gravity Research writes:

Filmed from a helicopter with a crew flying from Kathmandu at 4,600 ft. up to 24,000 ft. on supplemental oxygen, these are some of the most stable, crisp, clear aerial shots of these mountains ever released, which include Mt. Everest, Ama Dablam, and Lhotse.

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