Scenes from All the ‘Harry Potter’ Movies Rearranged to Tell Professor Snape’s Story in Chronological Order [VIDEO]

If you’ve seen the Harry Potter movies, then you know Professor Severus Snape’s story is a tragic one. And if you haven’t seen the movies, then you’re about to see just how heart-wrenching Snape’s story is.

In the movies, Snape’s story becomes clear, not all at once, but over several films. And only after his death do you find out everything from his past. For Snape’s fictional birthday, on January 9, YouTuber Casey Linenberg took scenes from the Harry Potter movies and rearranged them to tell Snape’s complete story in chronological order.

Told straight through in this 15-minute video, the story about love, loss, and sacrifice resonates in all new ways. In short, it’s heartbreaking

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