Dive Into the Unknown: First-Person Footage of BASE Jumper Leaping Off Cliff into Foggy Abyss [VIDEO]

You know the sayings, “leap of faith” and “dive into the unknown”? Most people don’t take these so literally. But Utah adventurer and daredevil Marshall Miller did when he captured this frightening footage of his BASE jump off the edge of a cliff and into dense fog.

With a GoPro HERO+3 camera attached to his helmet, Miller takes us on a dive off a mountain in Lauterbrennen, Switzerland. At the beginning, you’re staring into a blanket of ominous fog, unaware of how far you have to fall. It is quite intense and nerve-racking, but, as the dive continues, it becomes more and more exhilarating.

Let’s just say, I’m not sure I could take that leap of faith.

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