Google Knows a Whole Lot More about Us than Santa: ‘Year in Search 2014’ [VIDEO]

Though Santa might know if you’ve been bad or good, only Google knows what you’ve searched for. To round out 2014, the internet giant has created a beautiful video based on our trillions of searches. Google’s video includes viral music videos like Pharrell Williams’s “Happy,” US and international news like the protests in Ferguson and the Ebola outbreak, scientific achievements in fields like prosthesis, and sports events like the World Cup.

Google’s is unique among the many year-in-review videos since it takes our searches and interprets them, highlighting the hope, fear, and inspiration we are really seeking in the over one-billion webpages that exist on the internet.

On the video’s YouTube description, Google reproduces the line that starts the video:

In 2014 we searched trillions of times. What do these searches say about us?

As Google concludes its video, search on.

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