Bad at Parallel Parking? Fiat’s New Interactive Billboards Are Here To Help

Parallel parking can cause some real headaches – and a few dents – for drivers. Luckily, Fiat has created a interactive, digital billboard that might help.

In the billboard, old-fashioned human beings use their hands to shows you how much room you have before bumping the car behind you. Thanks to Fiat 500’s parking assistant technology, the distance between the people’s hands precisely matches the distance between your bumper and that of the car behind you, which in turn enables you to park and park well.

The billboard features five different parking assistants: a sexy woman donning bunny ears to help “make parking sexy,” a stylish man in street clothes to help “make parking cool,” a security guard to help “make parking safe,” a Zen monk to help “make parking stress-free,” and a child to help “make parking child’s play.”

This is definitely one of the most awesome and humorous parking assistants out there!

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