Fashion Week or Photoshop? Jimmy Kimmel Quizzes Audience on Real and Fake NY Fashion Week Outfits [VIDEO]

New York Fashion Week is one of the world’s most significant fashion events, occurring semiannually in February and September and featuring some of the biggest names in the industry. Although a monumental moment for fashion, it doesn’t mean that every piece of clothing turns out fashionable.

Jimmy Kimmel recently aired a humorous segment called “Fashion Week or Photoshop?”, in which he showed pictures of different outfits and quizzed the audience on whether or not they were from the real Fashion Week. To throw the audience off, Kimmel displayed doctored images of weird, fake styles hidden among the real ones. But some of the actual outfit designs are just as unbelievably ridiculous and wild as the photoshopped ones.

Can you guess which outfits are from Fashion Week and which are photoshopped?

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