‘Dutch Skies’: A Beautiful 2-Minute Timelapse of the Vast Skies over the Netherlands

One of the most spectacular wonders in the skies of the Netherlands is the aurora borealis. But filmmaker Stef Kwinten shows us the other beautiful sights above the Netherlands in a timelapse, “Dutch Skies.”

Kwinten spent four months filming for the video, which portrays scenic Dutch landscapes at various times of the day and under different weather conditions. You can see the Netherlands from sunrise to nightfall and in sunshine to rain.

On the video’s Vimeo page, Kwinten writes:

I always was complaining about the Dutch nature, because I found it pretty boring without mountains and with light pollution. But after seeing lots of nature in the Netherlands and lots of beautiful sunsets for this project, I finally can say: the Netherlands has some beautiful nature.

Check out the video and see for yourself the beauty the Netherlands has to offer.

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