Oh the Places You’ll Go: A ‘Dr. Seuss House’ Rises in Alaska [VIDEO]

If you ever dreamed that your favorite Dr. Seuss books were real, then you are in for a real treat. Willow, Alaska, is home to one of America’s architectural wonders: a towering home, nearly 12 stories high, reminiscent of structures from Dr. Seuss books.

The story behind the unique building goes like this: the original owner built his house after a forest fire, giving him a clear view of Mount McKinley and Denali National Park. As the trees around his home regrew, his views became obstructed, prompting him to build up. He spent a decade adding more and more floors, resulting in the nearly 12-story-high house that exists today.

Photographer Jovell Rennie and Alaska Aerial Footage recently visited the structure to capture this video of the fittingly named “Dr. Seuss House.” And their video may be as close as you get. Although once abandoned, the home is once again privately owned , so be careful not to trespass if you ever try to visit it!

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