What Everybody Should Know About Modern Home Security

Home sweet home? We all like to believe our homes are safe havens, right? We install locks on our doors and windows, set up burglar alarms, and maybe even own a mean dog (or cat) to deter unwanted intruders.

What many people may not realize, however, is that we’re possibly opening our homes up to a completely different sort of intrusion – by hackers.

Robert Siciliano, a personal and home security specialist, explains more about this modern threat in “Is Your Home Hackable?”, his recent article for

Ways that Hackers Are Getting In

Internet-connected baby monitors, toys and medical supplies seem innocent enough. But when homeowners fail to take proper security precautions, these and similar devices can be easily hacked.

In this same article, Siciliano shares a few documented instances where devices have become portals for hackers to eavesdrop and access online accounts. Though hacks of this sort are admittedly rare, they may become more common as everything from our refrigerators to our electric meters come online.

Protecting Your Home from Hackers

First things first: ensure that your home Wi-Fi router is secure by having a strong password. (You can find guidelines for strong passwords on Wikipedia.)

You should also make sure to install regular software updates for the router and for every device that connects to the router, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

The Future of Home Security Products

In this video, Robert Siciliano discusses the future of home security products and the industry as a whole:



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Source: Hackers don’t play well with Kids’ Toys

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